Labs - Forever       231-830-7000               Lucy's Litter: Born 10/22/13; 6 - Blacks & 4 - Fox-reds Puppies will be available for new homes 12/17/13 Taking deposits now, for more info. please call 231-830-7000. Labs - Forever       231-830-7000                 Lucy's Litter:  Born 10/22/13; 6 - Blacks & 4 - Fox-reds   Puppies will be available for new homes 12/17/13 Taking deposits now, for more info. please call 231-830-7000.
Meet The Girls Left to Right Rosie, Lexi, Lucky and Lucy

In Loving Memory of Lexi

Lexi is the 2nd from the left.  In 2013 I had anticipated breeding her for the last time but she delevoped a kidney problem and had to be put down as her health was failing.  She was a gental dog and always friendly towards people.  Always welcomed you home with a wagging tail and wanted to be with you.  She is missed very much and we are thankfull for the time we had with her over the years.    

Labs Forever: Where Pets Feel at Home

     Labs Forever is a small breeder that takes special pride in raising puppies for their new owners/homes.  What started out as a learning experience for our kids in 2000 and it has turned into a love for the breed and hobby.  Special attention for genetics and temperment is taken when selecting a sire to assure the best possibility of having healthy/quality puppies.  Puppies have their dew-claws removed and their 1st shots while with the breeder and are normally kept until they are 7 weeks old.  Another important aspect of breeding responsible is to socialize the puppies prior to the new owners receiving them as it makes a easier transitition for everyone.   Our goal is to provide new owners with healthy, happy and quality puppy so that they meet the owners goals and objectives wheither it's for hunting or just being a household pet.


     Located just outside of Muskegon, Michigan just off US -31 and M-120 you’ll find us easy to find.  The quality of life for your puppy is important therefore we raise them in our home.  You are more than welcome to visit anytime.

Lucy's Next Litter - Anticipated Birth Date October 22, 2013

Lucy is expecting a new litter on October 22, 2013.  Lucy is a smart dog, barks to let me know when something isn't right but friendly with people.  She weighs about 83 pounds and has had beautiful puppies in past litters with this same male. I am taking deposits to hold a puppy at the current time.  Because of when the puppies will be available, this litter will sell out fast and in advanced. 


Lucy - 83 lbs. Great Temperment & Smart
Lucy - 2013 Litter 7 Blacks and 4 Fox-reds
Lucy's puppies born 02/25/2013

Lucky (below) is a beautiful dog, very senative and the best retriver of all my dogs.  She loves people and is very gental.  She weighs about 75 pounds and has a great temperment. Seldom barks but will bark and let me know when something is not normal.    

Lucky Great Temperment & Retriever
Lucky March 05, 2013 Litter 4 - Females and 3 - Males. All puppies are sold.

Mom, buckshot is picking on me!

July 2011 - I'm a retriever you know!
July 2011 - A lot of socializing for only 6 weeks old
July 2011 - You think she's cute!
July 2011 - Puppy naps
July 2011 - socializing puppies
July 2011 Litter - Oh boy, feeding time
July 2011 - I ate to much
July 2011 - I can almost taste FREEDOM
July 2011 - Showing me off
2009 Litter - Move over, this is my spot!
Past litter - Having fun socializing puppies
Retrieving ball in Lake Michigan - Red lab is mother of puppies
Taking a break - mother of puppies
Labs having fun swimmig in river. Red labs are the mother of puppies